Every 4th of July is a special time for Nordic Combined in Steamboat Springs. Since the modifications to summer-ize the 70 meter jump there has been an annual Jumping and Nordic Combined competition. Along with jumping there is a roller ski race on main street. It's safe to say 4th of July brings one of the funnest competitions of the year. Thousands of people line main street and the jump flats to give us a little extra boost to go faster or jump further. 

This year was amazing with multitudes of people coming out to watch this years Olympians compete. I was very pleased with my jumping results, placing 5th and putting myself in a great starting position for the 3k sprint downtown. Unfortunately I couldn't find my sprinting legs and slipped in the cross country results. Despite a disappointing race I was happy to see I can jump with the best in the country. 
Getting ready for the start of the roller ski race alongside Todd Lodwick, Billy Demong, and Taylor Fletcher.(I'm #35)