A lot has happened since my last update. After an amazing month long training camp in Europe I returned to Steamboat to train. After two weeks at home the team packed up for an intensity camp in Moab, Utah. Some people may ask why Moab for an intensity camp? Moab sits at just above 4,000 ft elevation. Which means better recovery and more speed with more oxygen. It also helps that we were greeted by blue skies everyday. 
After a week filled with 6 interval sessions it was back to Steamboat for a week and a half before Nationals in Lake Placid, New York. After enjoying 80 degree temperatures in Moab it was a little bit of a shock to come back to Steamboat and have a foot of snow fall over night. Despite the climate shock it's exciting to see winter is "slowly" returning. 
Next week we fly out to Lake Placid, New York for National Championships. It feels a little strange having nationals in the fall with zero snow on the ground, but non the less I am excited to compete against the best in the US.
After Lake Placid we will be jumping the pond for a final training camp in Europe and joining forces with the US B Team in Planica, Slovenia. 
Stay tuned for more on this exciting time of year. In the the mean time enjoy some more pictures from Moab.



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