Before the Grand Prix in Villach, Austria the team met up with a group of 5 NNF donors. In the past few years the NNF and US Nordic Combined team have teamed up and put together VIP trips to Tour de France camps and the World Cup final in Oslo, Norway. These trips have attracted some of our strongest donors and supporters of USA nordic combined. This year Kerry Lynch and Hans Berend put together a trip that gave donors a chance to experience Europe with the development team. The week that we spent with the donors was awesome. It was amazing to be around a group so supportive of the future of USA Nordic Combined. The time spent with them was a great opportunity to teach them more about our sport and showcase the type of trips the NNF funds. 

Since meeting up with the VIP group we have been in Planica, Slovenia. Originally we planned to jump on the brand new hills in Planica but, there is a lot of construction still going on at the jump venue with the addition of 5 brand new junior sized hills and renovations to the ski flying hill to make it the largest ski jump in the world. So, we have been driving to nearby ski jumping facilities in Kranj, Slovenia and Villach to train. I have had a great time roller skiing on the 100k long bike path that runs from Slovenia to Italy and I've been enjoying the great views on my distance workouts.

We also took an afternoon off with the VIPs to enjoy the views of nearby Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj

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