The past couple of weeks have been filled with lots of training hours, 2 running time trials, and 2 roller ski time trials. Over all I showed some great improvement in both running and roller skiing. The running time trials were done on a very steep 2.5 mile dirt road near the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. The first attempt was at the end of a very hard intensity block of training and I did not feel 100% but after a week of recovery I improved my time by a full minute only 1.5 minutes off the fastest time of the day. 

The roller ski time trials took place on the typical fish creek course that we have been skiing for years. The first time trial I did not perform well and was actually a couple seconds slower than earlier in the summer. The most recent time trial however, was a different story. I put in my best time ever and improved by close to two minutes!

Overall I am happy with the improvement I've been showing in our time trials. Part of the reason we do so many time trials is to judge if our training throughout the summer is paying off. This allows us to see if we need to switch something up such as focus on recovery or do more speed work. Looking at my results from the past weeks it is safe to say I'm on the right track as far as training and I'm happy to see some consistent improvement. 

Next on my agenda is a short trip to Park City, Utah for the 15th annual Springer Tournee and Large Hill Nationals. After that I get to spend a month in Europe with the NTG where we will be training and competing in Summer Grand Prix, the summer equivalent to World Cup. Words cannot describe how excited I am for the upcoming month. Stay tuned for some updates on the most exciting part of the summer for myself and all of the NTG boys.

Here are a couple pictures of the past couple weeks. 

Having fun during a threshold workout
Roller skiing on a hot day
Swimming in Fish Creek after a very hot workout


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