On Monday morning the team departed Predazzo, Italy en route to our base camp in Planica, Slovenia. The short route to Planica was closed due to snow, so we had to take the scenic route. Coincidentally the new route took us within 15km of Venice. At first our coach Martin Bayer was reluctant to drive into Venice for a lunch break, but teammate Erik Lynch and I convinced him to enjoy a couple hours in the floating city. We enjoyed a lunch full of calamari and other delicious seafood as we watched boats glide past us in the canals. After lunch we allotted a couple hours to explore the endless alleyways and canals. It's not everyday that a bunch of kids from Colorado get to explore a city that is literally built on water.
After our little jaunt in Venice it was up to the mountains of Slovenia where we were greeted by about 6 feet of fresh snow. Considering there was green grass when we left a week in a half earlier, it felt like a whole different place, like someone had flipped a switch and it was winter. The jumps are completely buried here, so jumping is out of the question, but I am looking forward to getting in some great cross country skiing before traveling to Klingenthal, Germany for a weekend of Continental Cup competitions. 
Stay tuned for more updates!

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