PictureThe Jumps at Erdinger Arena
Last Sunday we headed West to Oberstdorf, Germany to meet up with the Czech National team for some training and a friendly competition. The jumps in Oberstdorf are some of the best in the world and are a regular training spot for just about every national jumping team in the world. It was quite the experience to jump alongside the legendary Finnish jumper Janne Ahonen, a jumper that I've been watching since I started ski jumping. 

On Thursday we had a competition with Czech team, jumping on the K120 meter hill and a 10 kilometer race. After some below par jumping I started the race in 7th 2 seconds behind teammate Ben Berend. I went into the race hoping to work together with him to catch some of the Czech guys but I crashed on the first lap and had to battle my way back to him. I finished in 6th place but I'm still happy with that result and the way I'm skiing. My fellow teammate Tyler Smith crushed the cross country portion and put in the 3rd fastest time of the day. It will be exciting to see how our team matches up against the best in the world when we compete in the Summer Grand Prix in Oberwiesenthal, Germany next week. 

Czech Ski Team member and good friend Ales Vodsadelak
After the competition with the Czech team we headed to Liberec, Czech Republic. Our time here has been spent getting in some high intensity intervals and good recovery in preparation for next weekends competitions. I saw a great diagram for training involving popcorn the other day. It basically said that nobody likes burnt "overtrained" popcorn but you also want to get as many kernels popped as possible i.e. maximize your potential. Over the past year I've seen this example to be very true. At times I've been the burnt popcorn and other times I've been that bag of popcorn with half the kernels still sitting unpopped. My best results have come when I pay attention to whether I'm absorbing the workload well or if I need to pop a few more kernels. It's all about that happy medium. 

Stay tuned for updates on the Summer Grand Prix!
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